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Preserving fertility in cancer patients

HC Fertility Marbella performs techniques to preserve fertility in patients with cancer. Dr. Marín, specialist in Fertility, explains that “these patients can opt for the freezing of ovules or sperm at low temperatures before therapy, to be used in the future.

"Today this practice is used in young women who want to postpone their motherhood and, increasingly, in patients who have to undergo oncological or surgical treatment,".

The therapeutic advances of recent years have improved the survival of patients with cancer; In fact, 85% of tumors in young people can be treated successfully and with a good life expectancy. However,oncological treatment, be it surgical, radiological or pharmacological, can severely affect the fertility of patients.

Precisely, clinical studies confirm that between 15% and 30% of men cured of cancer will have azoospermia -organic disorder by which theman will not have sperm in his semen or will be diminished in number and quality -several years later.

In this sense, the specialist in Fertility and Assisted Human Reproduction of the Hospital International HC Marbella, Dr. Juan Manuel Marín explains that these patients can opt for cryopreservation and vitrification-freezing of ovules or sperm at low temperatures to be used in a future-.

There are several options available, but in any case it must be offered to a male before beginning oncological therapy. With the current techniques of assisted reproduction, pregnancies and births have occurred through the use of spermatozoa and cryopreserved ovules of cancer patients, without there being an increased risk of congenital anomalies.