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    Endometriosis is a chronic and benign inflammatory disease, characterized by the presence of endometrial cells (cells that form the lining uterus, known as endometrium) in the abdominal cavity. 聽Most of the times, it is a condition that cause abdominal and pelvic pain and possible infertility. Normally, it can affect about 10% of women in reproductive age, worldwide. In Spain there are 5 million carriers of endometriosis and in Andalusia up to 850 thousand.

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    Ensure your fertility before an oncological process

    Everyday more women and men are diagnosed with cancer at fertile age. Some of the cancers with the highest impact are breast and prostate cancer. In women, breast cancer has a high survival rate thanks to the early detection through breast examination and ultrasound controls. Also other relevant type is the gynecological cancer, a term that includes ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer. This kind of tumor can have a direct impact on the fertility, due to the need for treatment in the reproductive areas. In men, the prevalence of prostate cancer increases with the age, but thanks to early diagnosis, through a blood test, survival rates are very high. In addition, another type of cancer, such as testicular cancer, affects young men of fertile age, although with a lower frequency. Self-palpation of the testicles is recommended for early detection and prompt treatment. The cancer itself, and the future treatment to reverse its effects, can have negative consequences on the patient’s fertility, causing both temporary and permanent infertility. Therefore, before starting treatment, it is important to discuss with your doctor the different options you have to preserve your fertility before cancer treatment.

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    You are one step away from fulfilling your dream

    We understand that choosing a Fertility Clinic to fulfill your baby dream is a very important decision. So, before making the decision on who will accompany you on your fertility journey, we invite you to meet us without commitment, totally free. Our coordinator Gisele will accompany you to: Introduce yourself to our fertility team Know our facilities Solve questions Book your informative appointment today! It is totally * free.   *It does not include consultation with specialist doctor nor tests.

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