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The importance of Reproductive Medicine today

Nowadays, we all have family or friends who have undoubtedly had to resort to assisted reproduction to achieve a pregnancy. It is even quite likely that many of you who are reading this have gone through treatment yourselves or are thinking of visiting a specialist.

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July 25th, ‘World Embyologist Day’

On July 25th we celebrate the ‘World Embyologist Day’ and HC Marbella would like to congratulate all embryologists for their dedication, effort and work. For being with you, helping you and accompanying you on your way to motherhood and the fulfilment of your dream.

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Single motherhood

In recent years we have seen society change in many ways. One of these changes has been the emergence of new family models, distinct from that of the traditional heterosexual couple.

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Why not get pregnant in spring?

Pregnancy is, in countless ways, one of the most beautiful stages in a person’s life. Nine months of anticipation and excitement, with the desire to hold your own baby in your arms, continually making plans for your new life.

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