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14 May, 2018

Dious of Fertility. ISIS

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Fertility has always been the object of devotion, and this is demonstrated by the multiple goddesses who embodied it.

HC Fertility Marbella tells you in this post the story of Isis,

Egyptian goddess of fertility and female protection symbol. Her most famous and representative words were: “I am the mother of all nature, mistress of all the original elements and beginning of the century, supreme deity before the inhabitants of heaven.” Isis was protected by seven guardian scorpions.

In their Egyptian temples candles and lamps were lit in honor of her power to give life, internal and external.


Every May 14 Isis Day is celebrated.

On this day, many women who are going through a problem related to fertility raise prayers to Isis but not before putting a pink ribbon in their hair, a white candle and mint incense. One of the prayers that this Egyptian goddess will hear is the following:

The goddess Isis, wife of Osiris, played an important role in Egyptian mythology from a very early age.

As told in the “Myth of Osiris”, this goddess rescued her husband’s lifeless body and, through her magical powers, managed to rekindle him long enough to conceive a child.

Legend has it that she became a hawk and began to flap her wings. The air that originated in this way breathed her husband’s vital breath.

Upon learning of her pregnancy, Isis ran to the marshes of the Nile delta to hide from her brother Seth, who had murdered her husband out of envy; Isis was afraid that her son might suffer the same fate. She gave birth to a divine child, Horus, and there she raised him, protected by other deities, such as Selket, the scorpion goddess, and in the same place she waited until her son was old enough to avenge his father.

It is hard to believe, after knowing her, that the story of Isis and Osiris is not among the universal love stories, such as Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Cleopatra and Marco Antonio. But if love is something that survives beyond problems, intrigues, separations and even death, the love of Isis and Osiris certainly deserves to be at the forefront of great romantic stories.

Ichnographically, the goddess Isis is represented as a woman. Her position may vary, although the most normal thing is to show her standing. However, some representations reflect the goddess sitting on a throne, or even, kneeling exercising the role of mourner for the death of her husband and brother Osiris.


arqueoegipto.net wemystic/ portalmitologia


Fundamental role of mother.

Undoubtedly, her character as a mother is fundamental to understanding the outstanding role of Isis in the official Egyptian religion. Not in vain, in many East Oriental agricultural societies worshiped divinities that could represent Mother Nature. Therefore, Isis has her main mission to protect fertility, the procreative woman, childhood. She is also the great magician, magic that she did not hesitate to use to resurrect her husband or to deceive the gods and give her son Horus the throne over men and the earth. Although a secondary role, somewhat in the shade, Isis is established as the main divinity to understand the Egyptian world, its birth and development.

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