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    Accepting donated eggs to help you have a family is a difficult decision for some, but this gives you the same possibility of a successful pregnancy as a 20 year old. An egg donation cycle is the best option especially for those with premature ovarian failure, age related infertility and genetic illnesses

    The tendency these days is to export frozen donated eggs to other countries, although there are many reputable centers who supply frozen eggs there are also those is Europe and around the world that are not so reliable. The risks that could arise when accepting frozen donated eggs from other countries are in the selection of the donors the controls for genetic and infective diseases and psychological screenings, the quality of the eggs frozen and of course the number of eggs that survive the thaw from each donation.

    The success rate of these cycles is much lower than a fresh egg donation cycle, at HC Fertility Marbella we feel that the guarantee of a donor selected especially for you stimulated in synchronization with the recipient the screening of the donor in accordance to the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society) gives the couple the maximum possibility and security.

    After all: you are trying to create your future child, so no effort is too much…


    Eggs don’t fly!

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