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Last Friday, 22nd September, we held the ‘I HC Fertility Open Day’.

A day inspired by and for our patients and of course for those families, couples and women interested in assisted reproduction. We envisioned having a space and a moment of closeness with them, where they would feel comfortable and confident to ask any questions they might have… And we succeeded!

The event began with the introduction of the medical team and then a lecture by Dr. Jordana Mata, our Unit Director and specialist in assisted reproduction.

Lecture: ‘Balancing age and fertility, today's challenge’
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Under the title ‘Balancing age and fertility, today’s challenge’, Dr. Mata began her conference by explaining the importance of understanding that the best biological age to have children does not often coincide with the best social or personal moment to go ahead with it.


In Jordana’s own words, “changes in society over the past few decades have led women to postpone motherhood… at the expense of our chances of becoming pregnant due to the deterioration of oocyte quality. Today there are different options to remedy this circumstance, either by preserving our oocytes or by doing other treatments if we are already getting older”.

After the lecture, all the attendees had the opportunity to take a tour of our facilities with our embryologists Begoña Sánchez and Ester Arissa.

Following the lecture and the tour of the facilities, we enjoyed a cocktail prepared by our kitchen staff and served on our terrace by the food truck. There, the attendees were able to chat and exchange opinions with the Fertility team, and also to resolve any doubts they might have and gather additional information.

HC Fertility, an added value
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Our centre is not a typical clinic. As soon as you enter our facilities you will not have the feeling of being at a clinic or hospital. HC Fertility is located just 200 metres away from the beaches of Marbella, surrounded by gardens that offer absolute privacy where you can disconnect and go for a walk; something that, apart from providing the necessary relaxation for our patients during these circumstances, represents an added value.

We count on a team of specialists who not only will help you achieve your pregnancy, but also accompany and guide you throughout the whole process, in addition to resolving any doubts that may arise along the way.

At HC Fertility we all work towards a common goal, which is to have a healthy baby at home, regardless of your family model. To achieve this, we have professionals who work hand in hand to help you fulfil your dream, always addressing each case with a multidisciplinary and personalised approach.

Gratitude to our patients
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We would like to take this opportunity to thank the families, couples and women who were interested in us and attended this first open day. We are proud to know and witness how you trust and rely on us to help you on your path to motherhood.

At HC Fertility we believe in families, happiness and fulfilling dreams.

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