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I relied on HC Fertility for a double donation and following a resounding failure by one of the most ‘noble’ clinics in Barcelona, ​​where you are a number and you do not have personal contacts but only by email.


Thanks to the Italian doctor Stefania (mythical for the safety and courage that she instills in  you) I met the clinic and above all Fiona, a woman of great intelligence, professionalism and humanity.

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Thanks to you all my wonderful babies are born 12 days ago. At the moment, a true miracle, they are perfectly healthy and beautiful, according to not only their mother but all the professionals who have followed me and are supporting me in these first days, by the pediatrician, gynecologist and now by the Puerultrice Ina Clara of Trento who has followed  many newborns born with assisted reproduction and who believe that they are the most beautiful girls they have ever witnessed in 30 years. Even the undersigned mum is fine and is very happy thanks to you.


An enormous thanks to all of you I can’t wait to introduce you to my and your wonderful creations.

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