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We are writing to thank you, I think you are used to it, my wife and I for many years have wished for the arrival of a child, we have traveled around Italy and a myriad of doctors who sometimes filled us with hopes that later proved to be illusions.

All your staff has always been wonderful

Then for luck we met with Dra. Fusilli.  We already had the opportunity to hear about her along our path but when you make a “trip” you can travel one road at a time.

Thanks to her who directed us and followed us in the correct way, we came to you. I must tell you that things have been positive with you since the first contact. We immediately found ourselves well and at ease. I thought that you would be the last attempt, we were tired almost 15 years had passed since we tried, and we no longer had the strength to be disappointed.

All your staff has always been wonderful my wife and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us experience that immense love that can only be felt for a child. In the end our Margherita arrived. On the second attempt and with that extra pinch of Doctor Luis Garcia. Thanks, and a thousand times thanks the words will never explain the greatness of the gift you have given us.

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