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We continue to add the newest technology to our assisted reproduction laboratory to increase even more and more our success rates.

What is the Geri incubator for?

Geri is one of the most advanced incubator that allows embryos to be observed at all times and helps for the embryo selection.

This happens thanks to the camera system that Geri has integrated.

Yes, independent cameras! Because each patient’s embryos will have their own chamber and camera. Being able to obtain images of the embryos at all times, without the need of been removed from the incubator. Moreover, the culture dish won´t need to be move inside the incubator, meaning that they will remain in the same position throughout the process.


What are the benefits for the patient?

The main advantage of this technology is that it increases the probability of pregnancy, because the exhaustive control of the embryos at all times helps to choose the embryo or embryos with the best quality.

Thanks to the Geri incubator, the embryos are in a totally stable environment, with the minimum variation of the conditions, recreating the natural environment of the mother. In addition, thanks to the camera system, embryologists can collect a lot of information about the kinetics of the embryos, like the times and the ways of embryo´s divisions, appearance and disappearance of pronuclei, initiation of compaction or blastocyst formation.

This information is of great importance in choosing the embryo that will be most likely to implant.

As our embryologists say, “It is a luxury hotel for the embryo, without moving it from its room. An all inclusive resort”.

In addition, patients will have the possibility of viewing them through the video that is created from the collection of photos taken by Geri’s cameras. At the end of each procedure, you will be given “Your baby’s first movie.”

In which patients is recommended?

It can be use for all types of patients who undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) or egg donation, regardless of whether the semen is from the partner or from the donor. It is recommended in patients who have previously undergone unsuccessful fertility treatments. This technology can help us to detect the problem, if it is an embryo development issue. It is also recommended in patients with a high number of embryos, because it helps for the selection of the best embryos.

In summary, the benefits for our patients' treatments are many:
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  • Avoid the minimum risk: Continuous control of the embryo development.
  • Ensure the quality of the embryos: Visualize any possible anomaly that may arise at any time in the process prior to the transfer.
  • Control without displacement: It is possible to observe the embryo at any time without moving the culture dish under the microscope, thus, no minimal alteration will be caused to it in its development.
  • Updated and continuous information. Deciding to remove the embryo to transfer it at the perfect time.

Welcome Geri!

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