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    18 September, 2019

    How can i find out how many eggs i have left?

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    Their role is fundamental in supporting well-functioning female reproductive health. 70% of Spanish women do not know that there is a measuring indicator through which you can find out the number of functioning eggs you have.

    It is an accepted fact that women are putting off maternity until much later.

    Moreover, the average age for having the first child in Spain is 31, according to the latest data offered by the 2018 Fertility Survey of the NSI (National Statistics Institute). In 1975, the average age was 25.2. Among the basic reasons for this delay are, above all, not having found the right partner, the inability to reconcile work and family, or economic factors. Because of this, when women try to get pregnant, their body is not as well prepared as when they were in their twenties. “The fact is that, as far as fertility is concerned, your 40s are not the new 30s”.


    How can I find out how many eggs I have left?

    There are various techniques or measuring indicators that allow us to find out the state of the woman’s ovarian reserve, for example, through an ultrasound scan to find out the number of antral follicles or through measuring the Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), which is a substance secreted by the ovarian follicles. The AMH, together with the utrasound examination of the antral follicles, gives us trustworthy knowledge of the state of the ovarian reserve, because it can give us a good estimate of the number of eggs the woman has. So they are indicators not only of the fertility but also the time remaining before the onset of the menopause.

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    We can determine the levels of AMH through a blood test without having to consider the moment the woman is at in her cycle. It is important to know that, if your hormone levels are abnormal, you should always go to the gynaecologist to get more information.

    Women are born with a fixed ovarian store of around one million oocytes, of which only 400 approximately will be ovulated. If the woman knows how many oocytes she has left, this can help her to calculate at what age she can still conceive naturally, plan the next steps towards a future maternity or even know what the probabilities are in being successful when undergoing fertility treatment.


    The fact that at the age of 40 we still have a good functional ovarian reserve, does not necessarily mean that we can get pregnant. For this reason, if we want to put off maternity, it is best to find out about the state of our reserve and plan ahead, either by bringing conception forward or by vitrifying (a form of freezing) our eggs before the age of 35.


    The latter technique of assisted reproduction offers the possibility of freezing both the oocytes and the sperm, keeping the capacity to reproduce available until the moment one desires to have a child. But although it is a good technique, it still cannot guarantee a future pregnancy.

    In HC Fertility,

    we offer you the chance to carry out a test of your fertility level in just 3 hours, so that you can take decisions about your reproductive future with all the necessary information. Contact us with no obligation to discover the fertility pack .

    In HC Fertility we apply more personalised therapies which are less aggressive, designed to protect your health and wellbeing. We also offer you the option of cryopreserving your eggs in order to raise the chances of becoming pregnant when you and your partner want to.


    Sources: HC Fertility /NSI

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