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After so many losses, it’s time to start trying to create new lives.

Finally we pick up where we left off, trying to help couples become families by giving them happiness and reality to their dreams.

Optimism is the salt of life
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And that’s what our whole team will dedicate too, starting again today:

We start today with all the best security measures, with a new protocol for safety recommended  by ESHRE and SEF (Spanish Fertility Society), in which all the phases of our procedures will be followed carefully and absolutely with maximum security.

Our team (as always) will put the patient’s care before everything and evaluate the treatment and safety measures to adapt on a case by case basis according to the various situations that may arise.

One thing you all must be sure and without any doubt that HC Fertility Center Marbella will add to its already well-known professionalism a single and only word OPTIMISM, what we all need today and which will be the base from where to start.

Dr. García, Dr Marín, María José, Miriam biologists, Andrea, Karina, and Fiona patient Coordinator.

We are ready, and you?

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