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    29 April, 2020

    You have our doors open, HC Fertility team

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    We restarted our activity on Monday 27/04/20
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    Everything has changed since the last time we saw each other, and we all have to adapt to overcome this Pandemic, which has caused so much pain, especially to those who have lost loved ones; We can only do one thing for them, give them our love and take care of ourselves to prevent this Covid19 from continuing to claim lives, as soon as possible.

    We want, in these hard times, to help those who want to bring life; but we will do it in the safest way possible, we will take extreme care, with measures to avoid contagion, as well as carefully selecting those patients and treatments that do not imply a greater risk than that of other women or partners, who does not have problems becoming spontaneously pregnant.

    For this, we will protect you and we will protect ourselves, we will teach you, although surely you already know them, protective measures and behavior guidelines, we will provide you with everything you need for safe care.

    The procedure will be as follows:
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    • Before coming to HC Fertility, we will give you a brief telephone questionnaire about symptoms and contacts.
    • Upon your arrival we will ask you to confirm that there have been no changes.
    • In the case you do not have a mask; we will provide you with one.
    • You will sanitize your hands with hydro-alcoholic gel.
    • The consultation will already be aseptic, and the members of HC Fertility will have completed the same questionnaire on symptoms and contacts upon arrival, they will have aseptized their hands and will wear a mask.
    • Before starting a cycle, we will do an antibody test (IgM; IgG), to find out if you have been in contact with the virus, and if so, what situation you are in
    • Finally, 48 hours before doing an insemination, egg retrieval, or embryo transfer, we will do a virological test (RT-PCR) to rule out that you are in the incubation period.

    In this way, we can achieve safe procedures; after which if you become pregnant, you will have to scrupulously maintain all infection prevention measures.

    For those new patients, or who are not yet going to start a cycle
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    We will continue to maintain the 篓on line篓 consultations, in which we have almost become experts during these weeks, they are comfortable and effective, solving doubts and preparing subsequent steps, thus as useful to review and request necessary analysis or studies.

    For more information

    To request appointments or any questions, you can call 952908897, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    See you soon鈥

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