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Egg vitrification: no need to rely on your biological clock…

You would like to have children, you’ve always wanted them and your partner would like them too, however you are at a time in your life when having a child would prevent you from having the professional career you long for…., or you still haven’t met the right partner. These are a couple of the reasons that many women decide nowadays to delay motherhood. However, if you don’t want to rely on your biological clock, egg vitrification could be the solution. It can also be used for medical reasons prior to chemotherapy, radiotherapy or removal of the ovaries as well as for endometriosis, for which reasons it was first prescribed.


What is egg vitrification?

Egg vitrification is an assisted reproduction technique which allows a woman’s eggs to be frozen at a stage in her life when she is still fertile, for use at an appropriate time in the future.


What is the process?

Vitrification is a type of freezing involving an ultra-rapid cooling technique. This prevents the formation of ice crystals within the egg which could damage its structure and leave it unsuitable for fertilisation.

The first and most important step is the selection of the fertility clinic where the treatment is going to be performed. The clinic should be accredited to carry out the procedure with professionals who are qualified to perform both egg vitrification and treatment afterwards when the time arrives.

At HC Fertility, the Fertility Unit at HC Marbella, the whole process is performed by excellent professionals in a supportive, calm and confidential environment.

The duration of treatment varies from 8 to 10 days and consists of the following stages, which are very similar to the initial stages of in vitro fertilisation:

Ovarian stimulation. Egg retrieval. Egg vitrification.


And then what?

When you decide the time is right, the eggs which have undergone vitrification are defrosted. In vitro fertilisation treatment is then started to obtain the embryos which could lead to pregnancy.


What you should know:

This treatment will not affect your future fertility or your future egg reserves. It simply consists of obtaining eggs which would be lost in a normal ovulation cycle. Probability of success is raised, it will essentially depend on your age when egg vitrification took place. Egg vitrification can last for as long as you wish, the eggs can be used at a time which is most convenient for you.

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