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    Columns of Annexin V – MACs

    Although the male has a normal semen, that is, having a good concentration of sperm and these have good mobility and morphology, the sperm can have alterations in their genetic material.

    This technique is indicated in the cases of:

    - Repeat abortions.
    - FISH altered sperm.
    - Increased sperm DNA fragmentation
    - Low fecundation rate in previous cycles
    - Bad embryo quality in previous cycles.
    - Seed samples with a concentration a little below normal.
    - Patients treated with chemo or radiotherapy.

    The columns of Annexin V is a technique of sperm selection that allows us to eliminate those sperm that have damage to their DNA and therefore have begun a process of apoptosis, that is,cell death.

    This technique consists of contacting the semen sample with a series of magnetic beads that have annexin V attached. This annexin V can bind and retain all those sperm that have begun the process of apoptosis, because when a Spermatozoon enters apoptosis has a protein known as phosphatidylserine that will be to which annexin V binds. Subsequently the sample is passedthrough a magnetic column and all sperm that are stuck to annexin V, having a magnetic pellet cannot go through the column and in this way we will collect only those sperm that do not have apoptosis.

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