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“I came to HC Marbella after 4 natural conceptions having ended in 4 miscarriages, in my country the use of is not allowed and I felt it was my only option to avoid another miscarriage which is why I first turned to another clinic overseas.

After months of difficult treatments there and 2 egg retrievals the whole procedure was considered a fail and my very cold inconsiderate doctor there told me I was a “difficult case” which broke my heart. That’s when we started looking at options elsewhere and landed on HC Fertility in Marbella. I had the pleasure of having Dra Jordana MATA as my doctor and at the first digital meeting I immediately noticed her warmth and care for us a couple who had gone through some very difficult trying times. It was such a big difference from the other clinic. Her knowledge, expertise and personality immediately convinced us that this was the right place for us.

In the end we had 2 chromosomally correct embryos after our treatment and I’m now tomorrow at 14 weeks pregnant, and had a checkup yesterday confirming it is absolutely perfectly following all curves it should, and I have one embryo left in the freezer. ❤️

Throughout this process the clinic has been super accommodating of all of my needs such as switching rooms after egg retrieval when I felt the need, they’ve made all of our dates for travel and work seamlessly work in the schedule and have given me the right needles when the pharmacy failed to give me the right one. That has not gone unnoticed as the process was so easy and the clinic always responsive and helpful with all questions and concerns. Special thanks to Dr. Mata who has been incredibly supportive of all of my anxious thoughts and questions throughout the whole process even answering my messages in evening and weekends. She is absolutely exceptional. I have given this clinic and especially Dr. Mata my warmest recommendations❤️”

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