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Artificial Insemination (IAC / IAD)

Indicated for cases of idiopathic infertility or a mild factor of male infertility, artificial insemination (intrauterine insemination) consists of depositing the semen previously prepared in the uterus of the woman. IUI-H when the semen sample comes from the husband and IUI-D when it is used a donor sample.

The stages consist of:

1. Stimulation of the ovaryBar Separator

1. Stimulation of the ovary

With ovulation inducing substances, a slight ovarian stimulation is performed, which is necessary to obtain good results. It must be considered that this stimulation may causes the development of more tan 1 egg, which implies assuming a 15-20% risk of a twin pregnancy.

2. Semen Capacitation Bar Separator

2. Semen Capacitation

The determined day for the insemination, the semen sample will be prepared, selecting and concentrating the spermatozoa with the best mobility, to increase its capacity of fertilization.

3. The inseminationBar Separator

3. The insemination

Is carried out in the consultation room and will consist of depositing the seminal sample (previously improved in the laboratory) in the uterus. Once the semen is deposited in the uterus, the woman will rest for a few minutes.It is a painless technique, fast and without the need for anesthesia. A plastic catheter is used to introduce the semen into the uterus.Once the process is finished, the patient can resume her daily activity.

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