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Egg donation

The donation of ovules allows the possibility of pregnancy to all those women who, even if they have an entire womb, cannot produce their own eggs for conception. As they could be women with precocious menopause, women lacking both ovaries, carriers of hereditary chromosomal abnormalities, with inadequate response to medication that stimulates their ovaries or that have failed in several attempts of IVF. As well as due to advanced age or poor oocyte quality.

In an egg donation cycle, the donor receives the same stimulation as in an IVF cycle. Later, the ovules are fertilized with the recipient husband’s sperm and a few days later the best quality embryos will be transferred to the uterus of the recipient.

The cycles of the donor and recipient must be synchronized so that when the embryos are ready to be transferred, the recipient’s uterus is ready to receive them. To do this, medication is administered that helps us achieve a sufficient thickness of the endometrium, which is very important for the implantation of the embryo to take place. Thinking of a future use, the remaining good quality embryos will be frozen.

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The selection of an egg donor is a long and rigorous process. Before selecting them, donors undergo a series of physical, medical and psychological tests, stipulated by law, to rule out the possibility of congenital diseases, malformations and sexually transmitted diseases.

Currently we also offer the possibility of performing a genetic matching between the donor andthe male of the couple, to select the ideal donor and avoid the appearance or transmission of genetic diseases. In this case, a test is done to the member of the couple that contributes their gametes and to the donor.

At HC Fertility there is no waiting list for egg donation and it is possible to find a suitable donor within days or weeks from the first appointment. We select the donor, according to the characteristics of the patient considering hair color, eye color, blood group, nationality, race and other characteristics.

Ovum donation is one of the most effective methods that exist in assisted reproduction and is a totally anonymous process by law in Spain.

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