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    After a year of having unprotected sex without getting pregnant, the couple may have infertility problems and, therefore, both man and woman should have the necessary fertility tests.

    The main tests carried out to diagnose male infertility problems are:


    Seminogram: It is the main diagnostic test to evaluate male fertility.

    Its objective is to evaluate the quality of the semen and it is carried out by studying the sperm parameters. First, the macroscopic parameters of the sample are analyzed (appearance, viscosity, pH, volume, liquefaction time …) and then the microscopic ones (total number of sperm in the sample and sperm concentration per milliliter, as well as mobility and sperm morphology).

    In addition, there are more complementary tests such as REM, antigen test, viability test, etc.

    What is MSC in fertility?
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    Motile Sperm Count (MSC): For any assisted reproduction treatment it is essential to carry out a sperm capacitance test.

    This test consists of processing the sperm sample and the recovery of those spermatozoa with better mobility. These would be the selected ones to be used in the different reproduction techniques.

    The seminogram, together with the MSC, will determine the ideal type of assisted reproduction technique to achieve a pregnancy.


    Karyotype: Although it would not be within the basic tests, it is advisable to perform it, since it allows to evaluate the chromosomal formula of the patient and thus be able to rule out possible chromosomal alterations that may be at the origin of sterility or infertility.

    It is carried out by a blood test, in which it is not necessary to be fasting. (The results can take from 15 to 20 days to get ready).

    At HC Fertility we have a fertility checkup for couples, in which you can have the consultation with our expert gynecologist, and the results in just one day so we can better assess the current status of your fertility and offer you personalized treatments.

    The most complete fertility diagnosis on the Costa del Sol, including tests and evaluation of the results by our gynecologist.

    Don鈥檛 wait any longer to fulfill your dream. It all begins with a correct diagnosis!

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