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    40 a帽os ser mama fertilidad

    40, the new age to become a mom

    According to a study carried out by INE (National Statistics Institute), in Spain, in this past year of 2020, 5,972 women aged 40 gave birth compared to 3,830 babies born to 25-year-old mothers.

    For a few years we have been seeing how the statistics are reversed: if in the past, the average age to become a mother was 25 years old, now as a result of labor and social changes, women delay their motherhood.

    The delay of maternity carries some benefits, without a doubt, such as: psychological maturity, in most cases the step can be given by greater economic, personal and work stability, etc.

    But as we already know, the mother麓s age can also represent possible problems, such as the decrease in the chances of getting pregnant naturally, due to the quality and quantity of oocytes.

    Help from Fertility Clinics

    From the age of 40, natural pregnancy is possible, but the probability of needing help from experts in assisted reproduction is significantly higher.

    The number of patients 40+ is increasing every year in fertility clinics, thanks to treatments such as IVF, egg donation, etc., i.e.,

    The number of patients 40+ is increasing every year in fertility clinics, since most women who encounter difficulties achieving their desire to become a mother are in that range of age, but thanks to treatments such as IVF, and egg donation they are able to fulfill their dreams.

    Natural pregnancy at an early age is not always guaranteed

    Undoubtedly the ideal age to become pregnant is between 25-35 years, though this does not mean that all women of that age can achieve it successfully.

    There are cases of patients in their 30s who suffer some pathologies, such as:聽 ovarian failure, endometriosis, etc. and cannot get pregnant naturally.

    That is the reason why at our Center we give so much importance to carrying out a complete fertility test on women, and men, since we also need information on their fertility health through a seminogram.

    There is no time to waste, achieve your dream of becoming a mother

    If you are 38 or older, and have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months or more without success ... it is time to consult a gynecologist who is an expert in assisted reproduction.

    Today, thanks to advances in medicine, knowing the status of your fertility is very simple and fast: a blood test to check on the anti-Mullerian hormone, a 3D ultrasound to know the status of the ovaries, and a complete gynecological check-up are enough to evaluate and find out the most appropriate fertility treatment for your case.

    Checking your situation and acting in time to know all the options available for you, is the first step to fulfill your dream of having a baby.

    Is it possible to become a mother at 40?
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    More and more women are delaying motherhood due to our life pace and changes in lifestyle. Formerly, women became mothers before 35, but now 80% of women do not even consider motherhood before turning that age.

    Considering this, we often find that our patients are 35+. Fortunately, we have advanced a lot in reproduction techniques and nowadays it is possible to become a mother after 40.

    It is true, though, that women have less time, and must rush a little. Our recommendation is that if you are a woman over 40+ who is actively seeking pregnancy for 6 months without success, you should consult a reproduction specialist. In younger women we recommend one year, but in women over 40, about six months.

    What technique is recommended?
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    The technique that we normally recommend for women 40+ is the IVF treatment. Not because it is not possible to get pregnant using a simpler technique, such as the artificial insemination, but because it has such a low pregnancy percentage that does not justify it. So, that is why we recommend going straight with the IVF.

    Message to the patient.
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    Late motherhood has direct impact on which technique we choose to apply. From the age of 40, the most frequent indication is the IVF, so that is why I think we have to send a message to these women that want to become mothers: unfortunately, time is limited and up to 43 we can have good results using our own eggs, but after 43, the most recommended technique is the egg donation.

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