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Endometriosis is a chronic and benign inflammatory disease

Endometriosis is a chronic and benign inflammatory disease, characterized by the presence of endometrial cells (cells that form the lining uterus, known as endometrium) in the abdominal cavity.  Most of the times, it is a condition that cause abdominal and pelvic pain and possible infertility.

Normally, it can affect about 10% of women in reproductive age, worldwide. In Spain there are 5 million carriers of endometriosis and in Andalusia up to 850 thousand.

Specialized at HC Fertility

At HC Marbella we have gynecologist specialized in endometriosis and they can help you.


It mainly affects the peritoneum (thin tissue that lines the pelvic organs), the ovaries, the myometrium (causing adenomyosis), the fallopian tubes, the bladder, the large intestine, and the ureter. Its main symptoms are menstrual pain (cramps), pain during sexual intercourse, burning during urination and chronic pelvic pain.

It is also one of the main causes of infertility found in women who seek medical attention after not getting pregnant.


With the aim of getting an early diagnosis, we emphasize to suspicious women the importance of scheduling appointments with specialists in which they will undergo tests (ultrasound and pelvic MRI for mapping of deep endometriosis), in addition to the doctor consultation and detailed gynecological examination. If they have a positive result for the disease, they can begin the most appropriate and successful treatment.


Regarding treatment, we say that it needs a multidisciplinary approach, starting from changes in diet and in physical and psychological activity, supplying medication (anti-inflammatories, hormones such as contraceptives) and performing minimally invasive surgeries for patients who do not have relief from pelvic pain with the drug treatment.

Better quality of life

The goal is to achieve a better quality of life, trying to minimize the pain and improving the female fertility

It's not normal to be in pain, contact us

In other words: it is not normal to suffer severe menstrual cramps or to be sick all month making the daily tasks of your life more difficult. Seek for medical support and start right now to improve your life and consequently your fertility.

Dr. Marcello Rocco

Médico Especialista en Endoscopia Ginecológica y Endometriosis (Santa Casa de São Paulo - Brasil)

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