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    Nowadays, more and more women and men are diagnosed with cancer during their fertile life.

    The most common types of cancer in this age group are breast and testicular cancers.

    However, thanks to screenings and early detection programs, as well as the technology development, the good prognosis of patients is increasing significantly.

    The tumor itself and the treatment prescribed to fight it can negatively affect the fertility of both men and women.

    How does the cancer affect fertility?

    Depending on where the tumor is located, it can affect the function of an organ and/or the hormones associated with it.

    In men it could affect the production of healthy sperm and even to the ejaculation process and in women it could affect the production of healthy eggs that could cause miscarriages.

    The risk of infertility depends on several factors such as: age, tumor´s stage, type of surgery, and the dose administered on chemotherapy treatments.

    How is the ferility preservation process for an oncological patient?

    In women there are different options to preserve fertility, some of them are still in the experimental phase and that is why the most widely used is the oocyte vitrification.

    This process requires ovarian stimulation (with a personalized hormonal treatment), followed by the egg retrieval (no hospitalization needed) and oocyte vitrification for later use.

    For men, the ideal fertility preservation is to freeze a sperm sample before starting the treatment. There are patients who may need the production of several semen samples, to get a good volume of frozen sperm.

    When should the woman start the treatment?

    Usually, ovarian stimulation starts with the first days of period, but in special cases we can adapt and do the treatment at any time of the woman´s cycle. This stimulation usually takes around 12-15 days to be completed.


    pareja fertilidad hc marbella

    It is essential to start as soon as possible, and always before starting the chemotherapy treatment.

    What are the advantages? will it ensure my future fertility?

    The sperm freeze is a procedure that allows the use of sperm in future assisted reproduction treatments. The oocyte vitrification process (egg freezing) is a procedure that allows eggs to be used in the future with an approximately 77-90% of survival rate after the thawing process.

    These eggs will be thawed and inseminated with partner or donor´s sperm to generate viable embryos that can be transferred. The probability of future pregnancy will depend on the quality and quantity of available eggs, the quality of the semen used to fertilize those eggs, and mostly the embryo´s quality.

    It is a very safe technique that offers a high probability of success.

    We make it possible … Ask for information

    Before undergoing cancers treatment / surgery, it is recommended to talk to your oncologist about how it could affect your fertility health and the possibilities that preservation offers you.

    There is a way to overcome this situation and create a family

    Being diagnosed with cancer is a very complex situation but there is a high probability of survival in most of the cases, so your reproductive health should be assured at all times. Usually, the treatments that are prescribed can affect fertility, therefore, the correct advice from your oncology specialist is so important. It will be the key to ensure your reproductive future and your emotional well-being.

    HC Fertility is the assisted Reproduction Unit of HC Marbella International Hospital, which has a highly standard oncological unit, with well-known professionals and the most advanced technology in cancer treatments on the Costa del Sol.

    At HC Fertility, we will support you in this process so you can get over it quickly and achieve your dream.

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