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    18 August, 2020

    Women around 38 years of age are at the limit to achieve a pregnancy using their own ovules

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    The age of the woman is one of the most important factors that determine the chances of achieving a pregnancy using her own eggs.

    Numerous published studies show us how the quantity and quality of the ovules decreases after the age of 35 and this means that women around 38 years of age are at the limit to achieve a pregnancy using their own ovules.

    According to the latest published registry of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), where data are collected from most assisted reproduction centers in Spain, 27% of women who undergo assisted reproduction treatment with an age between 35 -39 achieve evolutionary pregnancy, however, after the age of 40 this percentage decreases to 14%.

    At HC Fertility Marbella

    However, our data collected from patients at HC Fertility Marbella, from 2017 to March 2020, show us that 45% of women aged between 35-39 years achieve pregnancy with their own eggs, while from by age 40 this percentage decreases to 19% when they use their own eggs.

    For this reason, from HC Fertility Marbella, we always recommend that it is important that, from the age of 35, after 6 months of searching for pregnancy without achieving it, you go to a specialist to assess the case.

    Now it is very simple, a complete fertility diagnosis is the first step, in our fertility clinic, in the same day you can perform the tests and assess your results and options with the gynecologist.

    Maybe you want to be a mom, but right now is not the time

    If this is your case, and you are close to 35 years old and you want to postpone your motherhood, you can consider freezing your eggs (preserve your fertility) to use them in the future, if you do not achieve pregnancy spontaneously.

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