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20 julio, 2018

Fertility Goddesses. The Great Mother Goddess

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Under the rule of the Great Mother Goddess.

The first great divinity that governed Humanity was not a god, but a goddess. Or rather, multiple goddesses, each adapted to the idiosyncrasy of the tribes and peoples who worshiped them. Although overthrown by the male gods, the Great Mother Goddess still has a remarkable, if buried, presence even today.

HC Fertility tells you the story

At the beginning it was the goddess.

Throughout many centuries, all of Eurasia from England to Japan was under the rule of the goddesses. Although worshiped under different names, all of them bring together common qualities that transform them into great creators, and that have led archaeologists to baptize their religion as the Cult of the Great Mother Goddess.


The life of the universe.

The religion is more recent: it is not more than 50 or 60 thousand years old, very little compared to the one million years of human biological evolution. At that time, human beings began to consider that the entire universe was populated by immaterial beings who animated all things, and who explained why the sun warmed, the wind blew, and so on. And those people asked themselves the big question: “Who created all this?” The conclusion, they obtained by analogy. If human beings existed because a mother gave birth to them, then it must be the same with all things, which must have been born by a kind of Great Mother Goddess.

And already in the Paleolithic began to be represented under the form of female statuettes, the so-called “venus”, which have nothing to do with the Greek goddess, but are female figurines that have well reinforced the features of female fertility: belly and swollen breasts, and vulva very visible, while the features secondary to fertility are just delineated (legs, arms, etc.).


The arrival of the gods.

The male gods were a secondary result of the appearance of agriculture. How the male gods rebelled and supplanted the Mother Goddess is still a mystery. It seems that as the population grew, and civilization prevailed, women became an extremely precious commodity, a commodity that could be sold “in marriage” and endowed with, since having many women who could procreate it was a guarantee that they would have, in turn, many children, who were an important power base. Thus, arose patriarchal societies, which quickly replaced the old matriarchal societies.

At the same time, the priests of the male gods reinforced their own role, creating myths that denigrated the goddesses, and exalted the role of the gods.


The survival of the goddess.

Despite many attempts to destroy the goddesses, the truth is that the male gods have never been able to get rid of them. They could not do it, since half of humanity is composed of women, and therefore, in every religious pantheon that is respected, a female presence is necessary to represent them.


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