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Around 2% - 6% of men who have undergone vasectomy request a reversal. What are the options?

Although vasectomy should be considered a permanent method of contraception, currently, thanks to Assisted Reproduction, achieving a pregnancy is possible.

How? Using Testicular Fine Needle Aspiration (testicular FNA), or a Testicular Biopsy, sperm can be obtained and the specimen used in treatment such as Intracytoplasmic Microinjection (ICSI).

Testicular biopsy
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is a simple surgical technique consisting of extraction of a specimen of testicular tissue, this is processed to obtain sperm for use in assisted reproduction cycles. Using this method, it is possible to have offspring after a vasectomy.

Is there any other method available to achieve pregnancy after a vasectomy?
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Yes, Vasovasotomy, which aims to achieve a natural pregnancy without assisted reproduction treatment. However, between 9 and 12 months must pass after the procedure until recovery of reproductive capacity is complete and before starting to try and achieve a pregnancy. Successful vasectomy reversal is still not 100% guaranteed. For the procedure to be successful, not much time must have passed since the vasectomy was performed; the quality and quantity of sperm are highly important, as are the anatomical changes which may have been caused by the vasectomy.

Another option offered to men who are undergoing vasectomy is to freeze a semen specimen before surgery. Therefore, if, after a period of time, the patient wants to be a father again, he can use the specimen in assisted reproduction techniques.


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