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    28 June, 2016

    Psychological help, a powerful tool to address infertility

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    Problems related to fertility are not only related to difficulty conceiving a child, but transcends personal goals that can get to assume a life crisis for many patients.

    The emotional impacts that face the inability to reproduce, creates intense symptoms of anxiety, sadness, mood swings and low self-esteem, making the treatment difficult. All this added to the uncertainty about the results, make the patient very vulnerable.

    Having the support of a professional psychologist to promote the emotional adjustment of the couple and face the process from a multidisciplinary orientation is essential, it has been scientifically proven this increases the chances of success.

    So if you are going through this problem, there are three steps:

    Be sure to read these 3 steps to help you face the process with greater strength:

    WORK WITH A PSYCHOLOGIST: Although you can rely on family, talking to an expert psychologist in fertility issues can help address questions, and concerns making the whole process as stress free possible. Also it facilitates communication with the couple searching for possible alternatives.

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    TRAIN IN RELAXATION: There are different methods of relaxation which are very effective. Some of the most used are Jacobson, you can easily find online. Also yoga, meditation or mindfulness has surprisingly positive effects on emotions. Use these tools, practice them in moments of relaxation and use them when you see necessary, this will calm when you need it most.

    THINK HELPFUL: It is true that at times it is very difficult to think positive, but it鈥檚 no use ruminating over and over again the same thoughts.

    The success of the process depends not only on you, but also your attitude. We know that a positive and relaxed attitude favors treatment. If you can not think positive, at least think useful. If what you are thinking is not helping you to move forward, then forget it. We know it is inconsistent for the brain to think of two things at once, therefore, choose to focus on useful thoughts to help you relax with optimism.

    Trust your doctor and science and focus exclusively on what depends on you.

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