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25 April, 2018

Have you already decided to perform an assisted reproduction process?

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Here are some tips:

1. Stay informed throughout the process:

Sometimes, although you have received a lot of information about the assisted reproduction treatment by medical professionals, doubts arise again, it is advisable that you do not avoid consulting the specialist, as long as you are informed / it will reduce the level of anxiety you feel in situations that you perceive as ambiguous and therefore, you will gain security.


2. Assimilate what happened:

To receive news that you cannot conceive naturally is often difficult for many people, since it is part of the natural cycle of life to be born, grow, reproduce and die. In addition, linked to this, there are endless beliefs related to fertility, which, if not met, the mood of many women can be affected. Thanks to advances in science, there are currently a variety of procedures that help many men and women increase their chances of conceiving, therefore, choose to undergo any treatment of assisted reproduction would only approach a little more to reach the goal of gestation.


3. Think of alternatives:

Some people cannot contribute genetic material to a future embryo when choosing IVF treatment, so they have to involve a donor of gametes. This translates into another possibility for the patient to reach the dream of being a father or mother, but unfortunately many people experience the news as a failure because they cannot contribute one hundred percent of themselves. It is important to keep in mind that the personality of a child is the result of genetic factors, but also environmental, which directly influence the child’s expressions, gestures, behavior, thinking, etc

4. Share your emotions with your partner or your family:

In the case of couples, having different points of view and not feeling exactly the same throughout the process of assisted reproduction is completely natural, each member of the relationship is an individual that has its own personality traits, this means that they can think, feel and act differently, but that does not deprive them of expressing their emotions to their life partner, if they rely on him / her to share the same emotional burden of the hardest moments will face the treatment better.


5. Try to discover new interests:

Although it is inevitable to think about the treatment of fertility many times during the day, it is very important to try to focus attention on other aspects of daily life and continue to carry out those activities that are of interest, even if you do not have the same satisfaction as in the past. Even, if it requires more effort it would be positive to inquire about what other activities could become your new hobby. Getting pregnant may be your priority, but it should not become the only thought of the day, living the process normally will positively influence your mood.


6. Accept your unpleasant emotions:

Guilt, anger, sadness, disappointment, etc., are some of the emotions that are usually experienced when the result of the treatment has not been successful. If this has happened to you, do not feel different, let alone run away from the emotions however unpleasant they may be, rather try to identify which are the thoughts that lead you to feel that way and try to make a more realistic judgment, probably to achieve it you will need help, many couples seek support from mental health professionals to help them manage the situation in a more adaptive way

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