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    What is low ovarian reserve?

    The ovarian reserve could be defined as the number of available eggs that a woman has at a given moment in her life. We should not confuse low ovarian reserve with low ovarian response, which we will talk about in the next chapter.

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    The egg quality

    The good quality of the eggs is essential to be able to have a baby, since, to transform into a healthy embryo; the egg needs to have the appropriate chromosomes and the ability to combine them with those of the sperm.

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    You have our doors open, HC Fertility team

    We want, in these hard times, to help those who want to bring life; but we will do it in the safest way possible, we will take extreme care, with measures to avoid contagion, as well as carefully selecting those patients and treatments that do not imply a greater risk than that of other women or partners, who does not have problems becoming spontaneously pregnant. For this, we will protect you and we will protect ourselves, we will teach you, although surely you already know them, protective measures and behavior guidelines, we will provide you with everything you need for safe care.

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    Notice restarting treatments of assisted reproduction

    Dear patients, and especially Friends: 6 weeks ago in full ascent of Covid19, on our own initiative, in the first instance, and on the recommendation of the main national and international societies in the field of assisted reproduction (SEF, ESHRE and ASRM) and the Ministry of Health, in the following days. We stopped all treatments: insemination, IVF, embryo transfer and egg donation programs.

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